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Eco Friendly Card, Christian Card, Jesus Crown of Thorns Heart Card, Red Religious Card, Threshold Paper Art Card, Blank Eco Chic Card by ThresholdPaperArt (4.50 USD)

Apple Charm Beaded Necklace, White Red Green, Back To School, Teacher Gift, Statement Jewelry by CallunaMuse (20.00 USD)

Black Skull Necklace, Beaded Black And Red Necklace, Long Necklace, Halloween, Goth Jewelry by CallunaMuse (18.00 USD)

Candelabra Charm Beaded Dangle Earrings, Black, Orange, Purple, Goth Jewelry, Dark Glam by CallunaMuse (18.00 USD)

Long Black And Gold Beaded Dangle Earrings, Old Hollywood Glam, Art Deco, Chandelier Earrings, Shiny, Stylish, Elegant by CallunaMuse (20.00 USD)

Amethyst And Silver Beaded Dangle Earrings, Shiny, Unique, Special Occasion, Gifts For Her by CallunaMuse (18.00 USD)

Geometric Beaded Dangle Earrings, Black, Gold, Amethyst, Stylish Earrings, Unique, Gifts For Her by CallunaMuse (16.00 USD)

Long Gold Beaded Dangle Earrings, Wavy Black Gold Charm, Rocker Chic, Statement Earrings, Shoulder Skimmers by CallunaMuse (19.00 USD)

Ballerina Skeleton Charm, Black Beaded Necklace, Gothic Chic Necklace, Horror Fun, Halloween Jewelry by CallunaMuse (20.00 USD)

Wedding Basket Advice Bride and Groom Holder - Chalkboard Tag - Tulle Bow - Rosettes by SilverBirdBoutique (26.00 USD)

Raku Luminary with Houses and Starry Sky - hand thrown, stoneware pottery, candle holder, copper glaze by muddywaterscc (40.00 USD)

Goth Photography - Dark Art - Floral Home Decor - Red Daisy, Grey, Purple - Flower Wall Hanging - Printable Fine Art by RockerchicBoutique (10.00 USD)

Vintage English Steel Miniature Tri-cycle, Antique Toys, Metal Bicycle, Rosewood, Antique Alchemy by AntiqueAlchemyShop (75.00 USD)

Antique Belgium Raseur Folk Art Piece, Teeter Toy, Counter Weight, Antique Alchemy by AntiqueAlchemyShop (80.00 USD)

Stained Glass Modern Art- Abstract Wall Art - Modern Glass Decor- Black and Red by Nostalgianmore (140.00 USD)